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Are you a college-ready athlete? Find out with your PrepHero Portfolio!

PrepHero Coaching & Scouting Tools for Teams

Know Yourself (Free) - Do you have what it takes to be a successful college athlete? Gain insight into your mental makeup, your learning style, your motivational style, and where you stand in the college recruiting process.

Athletes as young as 6th grade can benefit from the insight provided by a free PrepHero Portfolio!

Be Seen ($9.99 / Month) - College coaches use our tools to evaluate their current rosters and their prospects. PrepHero gives college coaches exactly the information they want on their prospects. Using our exclusive Prospect Roster™, you can share your data with as many college teams as you want!

All new users get a 7-day free trial at this level plus one free phone call with a recruiting coach!

Coach Capture (BETA) - Turn the tables on the recruiting process with our revolutionary new recruiting e-mail management system. This powerful tool tells you when coaches open your e-mails, view your Portfolio, and more! (Learn more)
Mental Training - We have partnered with EXACT Sports to develop a 10-module online mental training course to train your athletes on key mental skills and unify your team around a common goal.

Athlete training is free! Coaches may purchase access to the training curriculum for continued training for just $100 per team!

Team Evaluation Tools - Get to know your athletes at a deeper level. Discover each athlete's strongest mental trait, learning style, motivational style, and more. Take advantage of our growing suite of tools to gain insight into your team's dynamic and use it to coach more effectively.

It takes minutes to set up your team and start evaluating your athletes. It's free to get started, so sign up today!

Prospect Evaluation Tools (College and Pro) - Join professional baseball and hockey teams, elite national teams, and hundreds of top schools that use our suite of tools to evaluate prospects to help predict success.